(Archive) JFusion Elgg Plugin

Submitted byJohn-Paul onFri, 10/09/2009 - 14:24

Recently I have been working with the JFusion team on an Elgg integration plugin, and happy to hear a new version has just been released with the Elgg plugin.

Image removed.So if you are wondering what the heck this is let me explain.  Joomla a CMS is described as "the dynamic portal engine and content management system."  It is a tool that can be used to run and administrate websites. What makes Joomla great is that it has a huge library of 3rd party extensions that allow people to build communities, manage e-commerece sites, forums, just about anything.  JFusion is an extension for Joomla that extends Joomla's core functionality

Taken from the Joomla site: "JFusion is a revolutionary new universal integration framework for Joomla 1.5. It’s a “universal bridge” that can synchronize user accounts, user sessions and even visually integrate many different applications into Joomla. This is done by extending the Joomla 1.5 user authentication framework without any core hacks. Now you can turn your Joomla installation into a powerful portal system that manages your user base across all your online applications. JFusion is just another example on why Joomla is the future of Content Management Systems."

Elgg is a completly seperate piece of open source software that is a bit like facebook or a social networking site that you can run on your webserver.  Simply put: this plugin integrates Joomla and Elgg via JFusion.